Leading SGP Laminated Glass Suppliers in China

Over the course of time, Dongfa Glass Product has been one of the leading SGP laminated glass manufacturer and supplier of building glass from China to different parts of the world. We have been manufacturing and supplying different kinds of hard coated SGP laminated glass for our esteemed customers and has been dominating the glass market for a while now. Our high energy efficiency based double glazing laminated glass has been widely appreciated and recognized in the market for its effectiveness and durability to withstand harsher climate and extreme conditions. The glass is supposedly seven times better than the conventional glass you purchase from the local source. It’s efficient thermal insulation shelters occupant comfort in the winter as well as in the summer, and almost removes the cold wall effect surrounding the glass.

Building Glass Suppliers That You Can Trust

Dongfa Glass Solutions are also prestigious toughened glass suppliers for domestic and commercial purposes. We have a giant-sized toughening furnace with a lot of capability to make big-sized glasses to cater the demands and accommodate the requirements from our clients. This type of building glass suppliers are considered as one of the two different kinds of safety glass which is predominantly used in a wide range of applications in which the mainstream glass could pose a significant danger. In this respect, our toughened laminated glass is up to four or five times more durable and powerful than the conventional glass and doesn’t break into shards when it fails. Toughened laminated glass is generally manufactured through a process of supreme heating and expeditious cooling, making it more durable and harder than the traditional glass.

The Quality That You Wish For

Dongfa Glass supplies architects with a vast range of possibilities for manufacturing and designing extensively made SGP laminated glass that’s not only energy efficient but supplies a premium range of products for the customers. For us, selecting the right amount of laminating glass products is more important than anything else.In addition to the thermal support, with high desire for security, low maintenance and durable weather protection these days; designers and architects need to meet these needs whilst delivering exceptional designs during the manufacturing of SGP laminated glass and products. Despite being the leading building glass suppliers and manufacturers in the world, we have estimated the ecological impression of our products throughout the complete life cycle, and in fact, Dongfa Glass for many years have been devoted to decreasing their energy water, and raw material utilization, as well as CO2 excretions during the process of production. Besides this, we are severely improving the glazing performance of our glass during the usage and enhancing glass recycling at the latter stages of its life. These are some of the factors which contribute to making us one of the world’s leading and recognized glass suppliers in the world.


Dongguan Dongfa Glass Products Co., Ltd is a highly professional and experienced glass products manufacturer and supplier. Our factory is fully equipped for accurate glass processing. With intensive research and development, a strong technical support team and high tech production we can provide excellent service and large capacity manufacture. We are dedicated to advanced glass technology, widely sourcing raw materials and with strict quality control through each step, guarantee quality products.
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