Advantages and Disadvantages of Laminated Glass
The Difference between PVB and SGP Laminated Glass
January 11, 2019
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Laminated Glass

SGP Laminated Glass

If you are wondering what laminated glass is, let me clarify that its basically two layers of glass with an extra protective sheet of vinyl in between. Though you’ll mostly come up with many benefits of using toughened laminated glass, I’d like to walk through a few drawbacks as well.


1. SGP Laminated Glass is less Dangerous When Broken

If you are worried about getting cuts from the glass if it breaks, or break-ins in your home, then the standard glass is more accessible to break. That signifies that even a single blow can shatter the glass and make way for burglars to get in. Apart from that, the glass will also break on the floor, and that glass can also cut you.

However, toughened laminated glass is not only harder to break, but the vinyl in between prevents the glass from shattering. Even if someone manages to break the glass, it will fall in chunks as the vinyl holds on to the glass.

2. Glass Cutter Are Ineffective

Laminated glass is not only hard to break but is also ineffective from glass cutters. That means, unwanted people like burglars, can’t use similar tools to get in as this glass is too secure for such weapons.

3. Sound Proof

Not 100%, but it’s true that laminated glass reduces the amount of sound that gets transferred. That means, less noise goes in and out of the house if you have windows made from this type of glass.

Therefore, if you live in a neighbourhood that has lots of traffic and noise, laminated glass is your life saviour here. That’s one strong reason many buildings in the downtown area are fitted with mostly laminated glass.

4. UV Protection

UV rays are harmful and bot irritating. These UV rays not only hurt your eyes but can also damage some of your favourite things. Things like carpets, curtains, and even your furniture can start losing its real shine due to UV rays.
If you use standard glass windows, you’ll notice the colour of all these products fading within months. Even though you can close the curtains to block the rays from hitting something inside your house, but then you’ll never be able to enjoy the light that the sun brings. Instead, use a laminated glass and enjoy the light with UV protection.


1. Difficult to Install

The real challenge with SGP laminated glass is the installation process. All the benefits mentioned above are only possible if the glass is installed correctly. Therefore, we advise that you consult an experienced service provider to reduce the margin of error.

2. Expensive

If we compare the price of standard glass and laminated glass, you’ll witness a significant difference. That means, many people avoid installing laminated glass due to its cost and expense of installation.

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