The Difference between PVB and SGP Laminated Glass
SGP Laminated Glass
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October 23, 2018
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The Difference between PVB and SGP Laminated Glass

As years are going by, glass suppliers are introducing various types of glass every now and then. This has made it difficult for people to keep up with the drastic changes. In addition, these innovations also reflect building codes and regulations which get altered in the best interest and safety of people. Today, I’ll be providing a walk-through of the differences between PVB and SGP laminated glass, so that you can get a better idea about which one to invest in.

SGP SentryGlas® Plus

SGP glass is known for being more rigid and 100 times stiffer than usual PVB glass. This glass option is considered the best option for use in building and other applications. This type of glass is made from two layers which are combined together. One of the best qualities of this laminated glass is that it doesn’t shatter when it cracks. The lamination holds on to the glass regardless of the impact. Apart from that, SBP glass is less vulnerable to moisture which means that there are fewer chances of delamination over the years.

Common Applications:
• Overhead Glazing
• Facades
• Floors, Stairs & Landing Panels
• Internal & External Railings

PVB- Poly Vinyl Butyral
Regardless of the benefits of SGP, many toughened glass suppliers still deal with PVB glass as well. This is another type of laminated glass, but it doesn’t have the same structural properties of SGP. Though PVB glass also tends to hold on when broken, it’s still considered a more cost-effective solution where high structural performance isn’t necessary.

PVB is commonly used in doors and windows for both commercial and residential premises. However, it is highly advised that the edges aren’t exposed to moisture. Or else, you may witness discoloring and delamination over time.

Common Applications:
• Internal Railings
• Overhead Skylights and Glazing
• Internal Partitioning
• Residential and Commercial Windows and Doors

The Bottom Line is…

Though toughened glass suppliers have introduced many more laminated glass types, the two mentioned above are known to be one of the best. Both have their costs and benefits, and you have to analyze both to make the right decision. Now that you know the difference between both these options, you can choose the best one according to your requirement.

One thing that I’d like to clear here is that you can trust every glass supplier out there. Always do your research before placing your order. In addition, you should also check other types of glass while meeting the supplier to test their expertise and have a better idea of which solution would be best for you.

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